Mineral. Food Systems Re-done

The moonshot project that is changing our world.

Photo by Glenn Carstens-Peters on Unsplash

Introducing… Mineral

Allow me to introduce you to Mineral, a project committed to developing new technologies to help build a more sustainable, resilient and productive food system.

So How Does it Work?

They started out by gathering basic data such as information about the soil, weather and historical crop data. From there, the team created a plant buggy that goes through the field inspecting crops up close to gather information about how the plants are growing and how they are responding to the environment. The buggy collects high-quality images of each individual plant.

The buggy.

The Buggy + Design

Using robotics, sensing and software, the buggy is able to collect data. The buggy has solar panels on top, using the sunlight to power itself. Additionally, the buggy has many different shapes and sizes making it easy to go through numerous different fields. Precise GPS software allows the buggy to accurately identify each plant’s location. Sensors and computer perception allow the buggy to identify any issues with plants and analyze plant traits and patterns.

The buggy Mineral’s team uses.

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